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Home Learning

This has been especially designed to complement the Y7 curriculum.  There are a range of options for your child to undertake either at home, whilst out and about or even on the bus to school. The activities have been planned to match the needs and abilities of students.

These activities will enable students to make even more progress in their literacy, numeracy and life skills.

We want to encourage all students in Y7 to do as many as the activities as possible. Every half term, we will provide a new ‘Home Learning Menu’. As a family, you can decide which activities to try and when.

We will reward students for completing any of the suggested ‘Home Learning’ activities. However, please do not feel any obligation or pressure to introduce these activities, if you feel it is not appropriate.

The Home Learning Menus will be sent home every half term and will be available here on our website.

Home Learning Menus