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How we deliver PE at Bents Green School

Students have full access to the PE curriculum which is differentiated to meet students’ learning needs and styles across all 3 pathways. 

Students in Phase 3 (Y7-Y8) have up to 3 hours of PE lessons weekly including Dance and Outdoor Education.

Students in Phase 4 participate in core PE with an option to take an accredited course to gain an Entry Level Certificate.   

The PE curriculum is designed to challenge students by building and developing skills and techniques over a 5-year period.  It also plans for opportunities to take part in new sports and activities.  

The PE curriculum offers opportunities for cross-curricular learning, to ensure students make significant personal development, including:  

  • Active Play Story Telling  

  • Outdoor Education  

  • Science – Human Body  

  • Dance and Music  

The PE curriculum has been developed and is delivered by Physical Education subject specialists. Each unit has a detailed scheme of work to support the implementation and consistency of delivery.  

The PE curriculum is differentiated by year groups and ability, ensuring the curriculum matches students’ needs and is relevant to their age and stage of development.  

Student learning and progress is assessed against learning outcomes and level descriptors set in line with OCR PE accreditation. 

The progress of students taking part in OCR PE Entry Level accreditation is recorded for each sport. Intervention is put in place where appropriate to ensure students meet progress. 

PE teachers use a range of assessment including; feedback, self and peer assessment, moderation of student work and end of sport assessments.  

What we want our students to achieve 

To be physically active, participating in a range of different sports being able to learn new skills and create new experiences.   

To promote health awareness and the value of adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

To instil a sense of good sportsmanship and encourage recognition of other students’ success. 

To support the development of self-esteem through the development of physical confidence and helping students to cope with both success and failure in competitive sport. 

To recognise and follow relevant rules, laws, codes, etiquette and safety procedures for different sports, in practice and during competition. 

To ensure many Bents Green School students leave school with a positive attitude towards physical activity, healthy eating and mental well-being.  

What difference is the PE curriculum making to our students

Our students will be engaged in learning through the effective implementation of the curriculum.  

Selected PE students will successfully achieve an Entry Level PE accreditation.  

Our students are provided with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding of living a healthy lifestyle, the importance of healthy eating and participating in life-long physical activity.