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Free School Meals

To check if you are eligible for your child to receive Free School Meals you can

  • complete an online application on the  Sheffield Council website
  • asking the school to apply on your behalf
  • contacting them by calling their helpline on 0114 273 4567, option 4, then option 3.

 They will require the following information

  • the details of each child to be claimed for including their date of birth
  • each child's school year group
  • the parent or carer's details including their date of birth, address, phone number and email address
  • the parent or carer's National Insurance (NI) number or National Asylum Seeking Service (NASS) number

Easter holiday vouchers 2021

Sheffield Council have pledged to support thousands of children and young people with a free school meals food voucher during the summer holiday. A letter providing parents with details of how to access the food voucher is being sent out.

If your family needs support before you receive your voucher, a number of local businesses are offering free meals for children. You can find out where they are at

To redeem a free food voucher for the summer use the following link.

Redeem a free food voucher

  • enter your code from the letter
  • choose your supermarket
  • enter the amount
  • go to the checkout and complete your order
  • download your voucher from your email

If you have difficulty accessing the Edenred website please contact your school for help in the first instance. You can also contact Sheffield Council helpline on 0114 273 4567, option 4, then option 3.

How to claim your Free School Meals voucher video