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Post 16

At Bents Green Post-16 we have designed a curriculum to allow our learners to expand their independance skills and to give them the work-related skills they need to allow them to lead a full life after they leave.

Below are links to the different areas, providing information about the content of these areas as well as accreditation they award.

There are two pathways our students follow, each dependent on the outcome of Year 11 Annual Reviews with parents/carers and students.

Pathway One:
Students are based at Bents Green Sheaf Training. This group are likely to move on to Sheffield College at the end of the academic year and so there is an emphasis on getting ready for college (college link courses and Independence Skills).



Pathway Two:

Students are based at Bents Green Sheaf Training. This group are likely to be at Bents Green Post 16 for more than one year. The curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of individual students and may include more or less of some elements as appropriate.



Functional Skills include Literacy, Numeracy and PSD.The Vocational curriculum includes Work Related Learning and Workright, work experience (on and off-site) and vocational project work (including horticulture, construction, craft, catering and retail).

Morning Breaks and Lesson Times

Afternoon Lesson Times

Registration 9.00am – 9.10am Registration 1.00pm – 1.10pm
Lesson 1 9.10am – 9.50am Afternoon session 1.10pm – 3.00pm
Lesson 2 9.50am – 10.35am Home Time 3.00pm
Break 10.35am -10.50am    
Lesson 3 10.50am – 11.30am    
Lesson 4 11.30am – 12.15pm    
Lunch 12.15pm – 1.00pm