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Vision & Values

Our Vision is

To Be a Great School community for all students, families and staff.


Our Values, which will help to deliver our vision are:

  • Learning 
  • Wellbeing
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Preparation for Adulthood 

Bents Green Aims To: 

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and cultural capital learners require to enable them to be educated citizens and contribute meaningfully to society  
  • Create a sense of belonging and develop resilience providing the foundation for our learners to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of our learners and instil acceptance and understanding  
  • Provide high quality, creative teaching and lifelong learning experiences that are personalised and promote curiosity and wonder. 


Our provision enables us to put the students in the centre of their own learning.
All students need to enjoy and access a wide and varied range of curriculum to enable the student to shape and lead their own personalised learning pathways.
All students at Bents Green School are able to achieve their full potential in a caring and safe environment.
At Bents Green, we set up our students for lifelong learning and development. We put an emphasis on the learning of the ‘seven C’s’ – Confidence, Curiosity, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Commitment and Craftsmanship.
Our partnership with parents is essential as we believe children learn best when home and school work together ensuring their child is happy, safe and making progress.
We believe working in partnership with our Primary feeder schools, Integrated Resources, other specialist schools, Fusion Teaching Alliance and Sheffield Hallam University supports Bents Green School to be outward facing and collaborative partners in the development of SEND locally, personally and nationally.